our terms and conditions of use

1.    Rights and obligations of the user

The conditions of access to www.joyeriagimenez.com are subject to the laws in force at all times and to the principles of good faith and lawful use by the user, expressly and specifically prohibited any action that might undermine or joyeriagimenez.com prejudice or third parties.


joyeriagimenez.com not require a subscription for simple navigation, access or use the service in question. The user agrees to make a fair, diligent, honest and proper use of any information or accessing content or through third joyeriagimenez.com or previously provided by [joyeriagimenez.com and all under the principles of good faith and with respect at all times the law. The commitment has to rule on the use of contents as provided by law, morality and public order; not copy, reproduce, distribute, transfer, alter or modify the contents without prior written consent of joyeriagimenez.com or the delegated person.

Finally, the user agrees to comply with all requirements set forth in relation to intellectual, industrial and other similar property.

User Registration and Passwords

The User agrees to select, use and maintain your username or "user" and password or "password" (so on and together the "Access Codes") in accordance with the provisions of the following clauses.

Users have the option to choose and specify your own Passwords. The user may not select as user name words, expressions or graphic-verbal offensive, slanderous, shared by brands, trade names, signs, company names, advertising expressions, names and pseudonyms of public relevance and famous for which use is not authorized and, in general, contrary to law, morals and public order. joyeriagimenez.com reserves the right to remove or suspend any user name that meets any of the above features.

The User agrees to make a lawful and diligent use of the Access Keys and not to make available to outside parties your Access Codes.

The User agrees to notify staff joyeriagimenez.com reliably as soon as the loss or theft of the Access Keys and any risk of access to them by a third party.

Access Codes may only be used by users to which they are assigned. joyeriagimenez.com is released from any liability that may accrue for damages caused or suffered by the misuse or lack of diligence in the custody of the Keys of use, lost access or breach of the provisions in these Terms general.


2.    Rights and obligations www.joyeriagimenez.com

joyeriagimenez.com reserves the right to suspend the service without notice to the user as long as necessary to perform maintenance, update or improve the service. It may also modify the conditions of access and specific location of the integral web content, and to prevent, restrict, block, delete or withdraw access to users when they do not do a lawful, honest and diligent service provided on the website. In the same vein may remove, block or restrict the use of content posted by third parties that may be illegal, racist, crime, apology of terrorism, violation of human rights, defamatory, pornographic, constituting fraud or otherwise to violate the laws or regulations whether they are domestic or international.