It has always been said, the hearth of the places is largely due to its people, their customs and their love for what they feel himself. The Gimenez jewerly began to take its first steps in 1955, when Manuel Gimenez opened its first outlet at Padre Tomas Lozano Street. Since then the doors of the watch have been open to all customers.

But the relationship of the name Gimenez with watches goes back several generations, was an uncle of Manuel Gimenez that young Manuel unveiled the secrets of this craft arrived.

  At first, a boy, Manuel Gimenez was an apprentice watchmaker in Villarrubia de los Ojos in Ciudad Real. In his youth he became Aragon turner champion, a specialty that is closely related to the watch tower. At one time not so long ago, when the watch towers of the people were more than just part of the assets, Manuel Gimenez repaired watches Gargallo, or Torres Noguera among other municipalities. A craftsman of the guild did not hesitate to teach other professionals is unique part of the trade.

The family tradition continued on in 1981 jewelry watchmaking Gimenez opened another location in Plaza Torico 24th.

Much has changed since the beginning, but Gimenez Jewelry has always been able to adapt, now when new technologies will continue to be breakneck pace off our audiences and incorporate a new service: an online shop with which we intend to answer all your demands. A platform for online jewelry timepieces without losing the essence that has made us a part of Spain. Fall in love with our Mudejar jewelry and enjoy the best brands of jewelry and watch in european market.